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The Norwich Traffic Club was born on 25th January, 1933, the date of the preliminary meeting at Langfords Restaurant at which it was founded with 31 members. Mr Lionel A. Carey had previously suggested the idea of such a club to Messrs. Charles Watling, H. G. Bloxham. S. Brierley, W. A. Porter and W. J. McDonald, all of whom were at the first meeting.

Langford's restaurant Norwich

Langfords restaurant, London Street, Norwich

Interior of Langford's restaurant

Interior of Langfords restaurant

The Club came into being at the time when transport problems were assuming greater importance than ever before, and there was a need for some common ground on which responsible managers could meet irrespective of the forms of transport in which they were engaged.

Mr Charles Watling became the first President with Mr H. G. Bloxham as his deputy; both retained an active interest and a warm affection for the club for the rest of their lives. The first Committee meeting on the 31st January 1933 drafted the original rules and, starting with the first ordinary meeting on the 15th February, there followed the regular pattern of monthly meetings with two visits of transport interest each year, with an annual general meeting.

From the start the club’s policy ensured that every form of transport would always have adequate representation on the Committee and that half the elected Committee would be changed annually. Thus did it provide for a constant stream of new blood.

The success of this format has continued for over 80 years and the Norwich Traffic Club has tried to address all local, national and international topics that may effect those involved within the logistics industry.

(Photo Credit: Photographs of Langfords restaurant from Marchesi family website)