Barry Parnell

Barry joined the Traffic Club in 2001 and accepted appointment to the roll of Hon. Secretary in May 2013.

From school, after a couple of years as a laboratory assistant he joined the Abbey National Building Society, progressing to Senior Branch Manager and then, via several of specialist and management roles in Head Office, ran the Banking Research and Development Dept.

Following redundancy, in 1992 he moved from London to Norfolk and joined Norfolk Constabulary as civilian manager of the Administration of Justice Department (Norwich). This role led to him taking an interest in road safety, particularly the need to reduce death and injury from road traffic collisions. Working with Superintendent John Bainbridge he developed the business case and structure of the Norfolk Safety Camera Partnership, becoming the Partnership Manager in March 2001, a post he held until resigning in the summer of 2004.

Taking on another career change he joined the Schools Finance Section of Norfolk County Council Children’s Services, specialising in funding the requirements of children with special educational needs. He retired from employment in September 2017.

In July 2012 be joined the Governing Body of Attleborough Infant School, taking on the role as Chair of that Body in September 2013, a post he retained until standing down as a Governor in September 2017.