Reverend David Smith

Our Chaplain is Reverend David Smith. David is a priest in the Church of England and is coming towards the end of his post as assistant curate in the parish of Thorpe St Andrew, serving a population of nearly 17,000 people alongside the Rector.

David was ordained in June 2012 following a twenty-year career as an accountant, working in general practice in two or three of Norwich’s larger regional firms – but he still insists he’s a fun bloke, notwithstanding! Whilst he says he greatly enjoys the much-varying daily experiences and challenges of parish ministry, he also recognises chaplaincy as having a vital role in supporting people within the many different contexts outside the traditional church sphere – the Traffic Club being just one of them.

David, in particular, identifies the need for pastoral support in the context of the workplace, where competing demands, expectations and pressures of work and family life can often come to a head and often without any means of appropriate outlet or support. Retirement following busy, demanding and fulfilling careers can also bring its own challenges. He is keen that members of the Traffic Club recognise their chaplaincy as providing a safe space to share issues or concerns, whatever their nature, in complete confidence and to know that they will be listened to, understood and supported.

David enjoys the relationships and fellowship within the Traffic Club and considers it a privilege to be Chaplain to its members.

David is married to Naomi and they have a 2½ year-old daughter Catherine. Amongst a wide range of different interests and pastimes, from cycling to church bell-ringing, is hill-walking, and our photo shows David in the place he likes best – being on top of a mountain in North-West Scotland, ideally with a view of the sea.

While not having worked in transport, David has always found driving a fun, absorbing and relaxing activity and for a time hankered to be an LGV driver; he now puts that down to a mid-life question which for a time had a big-boys-toys answer. He’s got over it now – although if someone offered him a place on a lorry-driving experience day he’d jump at the chance!